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Character, elegance and fine quality are the soul of RVS eyewear - featuring the "rebirth" collection, hand-crafted in Japan.

Vidal Erkohen, createur, takes you on a voyage of color, texture and keeps you looking forward to the next collection - each frame is a collectors piece.

RVS Raphael
 RVS Sun + Optical-3_edited
RVS black_edited_edited_edited
RVS Sun-15
RVS Sun-2
RVS Sun-3
 RVS Sun + Optical-9
 RVS Sun-10
 RVS Sun-13
 RVS Sun + Optical-6
 RVS Sun + Optical-7
 RVS Sun_-5
RVS Sun 3
 RVS Sun-8
RVS Sun-27
RVS Sun-25
RVS Sun-28
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