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Agate 02 Nr

Agate 02 Nr


Metal and enamel eyeglass frame - Black and red cherry-pattern enamel lamination.


    Creative and high end brand, which distinguishes itself by its special personality. The collection offers interplays of original materials and colors in adequacy with the trends of art, fashion and design. Manufactured in France and labelled «Guaranteed French Origin», Karavan has its origin in the know-how and heritage of the French spectacle manufacturing.


    Net 30 days, 5% off the cost of merchandise only, applies with payment within 10 days after deliver, excluding credit cards. 3% late fees apply after 45 days. Exchanges are 15% of quantity ordered 1-1 or 2-1 if more are needed; exchanges take place once merchandise has been fully paid. No order cancellation or unauthorized returns are entertained.

    **72 hours after delivery to claim any defect or abnormality in your order.**Any discounts loose validity when payment terms are not respected.**


    Includes “manufacturing” defect only. These may include bad welding, loose hinges or broken/missing screws, nose pads or dented goods upon delivery. Wear and tear at shop, lab or customer’s hands do not apply. Issues such as temple bending and braking, bent or broken hinges due to frame mishandling, frame breakage during accident, pressure or fall do not apply. To claim: send a picture including detailed written description of the issue at, subject: WARRANTY. When your claim is approved, please make sure pieces are returned within 10 days after receiving the new one in order to be credited.

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