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conscientiously  selected partners and materials, so that

Nature + Technology + Design are at the service of Opticians, eyewear users....the planet and the rest of its inhabitants.

Possible the most complete modern-day line of eyewear conceived; Hi-end quality, Inclusive from its production to its users, responsible from the idea to post sale service care of time, energy and carbon emissions.

Proudly Canadian - Fièrement d'ici

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Arkema, French raw material supplier,  and its collaborating partner companies in the project – BASF SE, Jayant Agro-Organics and Solidaridad – have empowered more than 2,700 Indian farmers in their journey to sustainable castor bean production. Having successfully achieved a wide range of favorable impacts in the first three years, the partners are extending the project for another three years (May 2019 to May 2022) with a goal to reach more farmers and encourage more end users. The project partners have also established the SuCCESS Secretariat, an independent association as custodian of the SuCCESS (Sustainable Castor Caring for Environmental and Social Standards) code. The secretariat will now be open to new members within the castor community.

Since its launch, Project Pragati has led to intensive farmer engagement and adoption of good agricultural practices within the castor farming community. The collaborators now intend to more than double the number of participating farmers in the region to 7,000.

  • No GMO

  • Robust plant requiring low level of pesticides and water



  • Grown with sustainable farming on poor soil, in semi-arid areas - not competing with food crops, and supporting the well-being and thriving of small farming families.

  • Inedible - several harvests a year, making it sustainable and harmless to food crops and water waste.

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