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South African collection featuring the look of fallen leaves, some have river reeds, others real wood and other materials and looks from nature that make for unique one of a kind pieces. Ideal for a client who values comfort. Weather your clients are conservative or dare with colour, these frames will have something to offer.

DG temples_edited
DG Optical NEW-12
DG Optical-27_edited
DG Line RC9
DG Optical-22
DG Optical-35
DG Optical NEW-5
DG Optical NEW-4
DG Reef 3frames
DG Optical NEW-7
DG Optical-17
DG Optical-21
DG Optical-44
DG Optical-40_edited

David Green Eyewear is a South African collection of eyewear that uses natural materials such as leaves, reeds, wood or mother of pearl adorn their eyewear, bringing nature into every-day city life.

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