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ROMILU 2 MmM lightweight brown minimalist eyeglasses LOOK INTO MY EYES

ROMILU 2 MmM - Look into my Eyes

49-20 - 140


Timeless rounded Optical eyewear unisex shape in neutral colors ranging from discrete and formal to playful and vibrant!


  • feather-light
  • titanium temples
  • ecofriendly light wight and flexible material
  • may be heated for adjustment and lens insertions
  • smart construction design to avoid waste of materials and time - replaceable bridge piece



    Inspired by modernity, Look into my Eyes is made to be one with the modern smart person:

    Someone conscienciously consuming, aware of preventing waste, with a preference for eco-responsible materials, aware that good quality items avoid a chain of energy excess, enjoy sleek design, and enjoy living a quality, balanced, practical, comfortable life.


    Includes “manufacturing” defect only. These may include bad welding, loose hinges or broken/missing screws, nose pads or dented goods upon delivery. Wear and tear at shop, lab or customer’s hands do not apply. Issues such as temple bending and braking, bent or broken hinges due to frame mishandling, frame breakage during accident, pressure or fall do not apply. To claim: send a picture including detailed written description of the issue at, subject: WARRANTY. When your claim is approved, please make sure pieces are returned within 10 days after receiving the new one in order to be credited.

    Additional Francois Pinton warranty: Two-year warranty applicable from end-users, purchase sale’s invoice must be provided with photo of the item.

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