Look into my Eyes

Look into my Eyes

Look Into my Eyes (LIME) - eyewear cleaning kit

MOQ: 1 dozen


Each eyeglass Cleaning Kit contains:

  • 100% natural balanced shampoo for eyewear (lenses and frames)
  • Ultra soft goat hair brush - wood handle made with pressed recovered wood...each brush has a unique look.
  • Fast-drying extra absorbent microfiber drying cloth


Free sunglasses and ophthalmic eyeglasses from dirt accumulated during the day.


As opticians, you witness gunk and clay like build-up in hinges and grooves of eyeglass frames daily. These are bacterial and dirt deposits  (and overall a nasty thing).


  • Look into my Eyes is a balanced shampoo made in Canada with natural ingredients, including lavender -which is a natural antiseptic.
  • This shampoo will degrease both lenses and frames
  • using it with with the soft brush, you will access the nooks and crannies without scratching lenses or harming lens coatings in good condition.


Eyewear lack of hygiene needs to be corrected. Eyes are an entryway for infections. Plus cleaning your eyewear is prime to enjoy clear vision.


Let's teach good habits our customers of all ages, ensuring not only proper  care of their eyeglasses and sunglasses, but caring for cleanliness around their eyes.


we brush our teeth every day

we change undergarments daily

we should properly CLEAN our Eyewear


-Clean eyewear is necessary for our EYES to properly see and be seen. Our eyes more than ever are our "first foot forward"-