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Art necklaces for eyewear

TOC brings you style and functionality,

Designed in Canada, hand-crafted in Ecuador.

Our vegetable ivory  art necklaces for eyewear help you carry your glasses handy, in a natural, conscious, and fashionable way;


"See well, look fantastic, be pro our ecosystem: plants-animals-fellow humans;

It's about time we realize we are part of nature, not above it"

*The use of Tagua nut, aka: Vegetable ivory -

should be supported in order to out·weigh the demand for animal ivory,

aiding to stop the killing of Elephants.


Each necklace is entirely eco-friendly

Made of Tagua nuts - vegetable ivory -from Ecuador, these pieces aid to stop Elephant hunting

One palm tree produces 20 pounds of vegetable ivory; 

the same amount of ivory produced by a female elephant in a lifetime.

By using these necklaces, you support local harvesters in the North Coast & artisans from Otavalo- Ecuador