Art necklaces for eyewear

TOC brings you style and functionality,

Designed in Canada, hand-crafted in Ecuador.

Our vegetable ivory  Loops and art necklaces for eyeglasses

are ideal to keep your frames handy, 

in a lovely one of a kind, 100% natural piece of jewelry.

*The use of Tagua nut, aka: Vegetable ivory -

should be supported in order to overweight the demand for animal ivory,

contributing to stop the killing of Elephants.


Made with Tagua nuts/vegetable ivory - from Ecuador, each necklace is a one of a kind piece, organic, crafted by hand in a sustainable eco-friendly way.

The Tagua palm trees/Ivory Palms - are never cut off allowing the species to grow and develop fruits naturally

Tinted with long-lasting vegetable coloring, the Tagua nut is sliced, shaped an perforated to produce different gem beads and varied hand crafts.

By using these necklaces, you support local harvesters and families of artisans in Ecuador;


Plus, the use and demand of vegetable ivory assist to safe guard elephants from ivory poachers , who

believe it or not, continue to massacre  elephants

for their tasks (ivory).

One palm tree produces 20 pounds of vegetable ivory; 

the same amount of ivory produced by a female elephant in a lifetime.


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Clean with soft non-abrasive cloth 
Avoid all contact with water

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