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General terms

Shipping & Order Processing

As stock changes on a daily basis, should there be any lengthy shortages to fulfill at least 60% of your order, your office will be notified.

Orders are confirmed within the next 24-48 hours and shipped on the subsequent Friday. Due to COVID, we might be experiencing logistics delays, we recommend you place your orders counting on 2 weeks for shipping date to be on the safe side.

- TOC will confirm your order via email with your B2B price in USD or CAD respectively - and send a payment link when applicable.

-You have 72 hours after you have received your order, to claim any disparities or other possible questions regarding your order.


*FRAMES: Exchanges are 2x1 frames; may apply once original merchandise is fully paid.


*ACCESSORIES: every sale is Final


CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS- by submitting your credit card payment information, and proceeding to place an order, you acknowledge you may not reverse payments unilaterally. You are responsible to honouring it and not reversing back any payment via your credit card company.

New customers:

Orders from $500 - $2500: You may use Klarna 4-installment payment option.

You will pay the first instalment when placing your order, and the remain 3 payments will be charged 2 weeks apart from each other.

Your second order may be processed as a 30-day payment order; you may choose to issue a check, use regular credit card 1-time payment, or opt for the 4-split payment system with 3% admin fee.

*For payment options on orders over $5000, kindly contact us at info@toclunettes.com.

*3% monthly late fee apply after 45 days of payment default *Any discounts or special terms loose validity when payment terms are not respected.
TOC Lunettes trusts the good faith of our clients -Please note negligence to resolve payment amicably may result in extra efforts and costs. Such costs may include collector services, extra admin and legal fees, which will be added to your account.

*By placing this order you/your business/business owner take personal responsibility to pay for your invoice confirmation from TOC Lunettes via account@toclunettes.com



for questions about opening your account with TOC Lunettes or general terms, please feel free to send us an email :o)

text: 514-889-2348